How about a healthy IV infusion in the privacy of your own home? Jade Hofmeister of Flo2GLo Wellness is a registered RN who is Sarasota’s new holistic health cheerleader, offering a myriad of IV drip therapies including an “Immune Booster” (B’s, C’s, zinc); “Mood Highlighter (glutathione, B’s, C’s); “Weight Loss Booster” (ALA, B’s, glutathione); “Beauty Bar” (for anti-aging and radiant beauty!) and more. Buy mom a gift certificate to attend Flo2GLo Wellness’s special event on Saturday, May 13 from 10am – 4pm at their Sarasota office. For $230, including lunch and wine, mom will be renewed and restored!

Jade Hofmeister is passionate about the power of IV infusion to treat a variety of health issues including autoimmune disease, jet lab, COVID long hauler syndrome, anxiety & depression, stress, and also a variety of anti-aging IV formulations.  South African born, Ohio educated, she has had a rewarding nursing career spending 10 years in pediatrics and an additional 10 years working with adults.  “I raised a daughter who had spina bifida and underwent 30 surgeries. I knew then I was on a mission is to help improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain to chronic illness, and IV therapy was extremely successful,” says Hofmeister. “I use sophisticated vitamin therapy as well as the amazing restorative, healing, and preventive benefits of Glutathione commonly known as GSH, a natural powerful antioxidant that repairs all ten body systems. My patients all report amazing results. Experience it for yourself!”

Mother’s Day Gift: An vitamin-infused IV infusion in her home or senior living facility. Flo2GLo IV Infusion Drip/Lunch & wine ($230).

What? Flo2GLo IV Infusion Drip/lunch/wine event

Contact: 813-773-1003,

Where? 416 S. Lime Avenue, Sarasota, 10am – 4pm

A Mystical Mother’s Day: Healing Through Harmony

Mystical Oasis is a Sound Healing and Yoga Studio located on the border of Downtown Sarasota and Bradenton. Mystical Oasis focuses on the mind, body, and spirit connection, offering clients a holistic approach to their overall well-being through Sound Healing, Yoga, and Meditation in a magical studio filled with warm lighting, aerial hammocks, and a variety of soothing instruments incorporated into various themed sessions. Pricing is $35 a class and includes a choice of many experiences: Floating in Space; Sounds of the Forest; full moon sound bath and more. Sarasota Events Calendar profiled Kelly Kelita and Mystical Oasis in a feature article

Mystical Oasis Sound Healing & Yoga Studio

What: Mystical Oasis Sound Healing & Yoga Studio

Where: located on the border of Downtown Sarasota and Bradenton, at 352 Somerset Ave., Sarasota.

Cost: Classes cost $35 and private sessions range from $60 to $250, depending on time.

Contact: 941.882.0758

Danee Barnett A Proven, Natural Weight Loss System

Danee Barnett Weight Loss & Wellness, a 26-day detox and weight loss program has made headlines in local papers for being one of the most effective programs for men and women. The program is so popular that is is voted year after year as Best Weight Loss Center by the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s Reader’s Choice Winner.

Danee raised her family in Sarasota and went on to become certified in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, nutritional counseling and acupuncture for substance abuse, weight loss and cancer patients. Her business is now in its 20th year and she’s guided more than 3,000 clients to lose 10 percent of their body weight—and keep it off.

Located in downtown Sarasota, and the cost of her program is $995 and covers office visits, treatments, tests, homeopathy, acupuncture and more. She uses food and nutrients as medicine. and the use of electro-acupuncture (no needles) to eliminate cravings, and an oral homeopathic formula that eliminates hunger and triggers excessive calorie burning. An oral amino acid compound with a weekly vitamin cocktail injection called Lipolean are both designed to build and preserve muscle. “The trick is to lose weight without losing muscle mass, and our combination does exactly that. You are also provided a very specific diet of proteins, vegetables, fruit and minimal grain that’s followed for 24 days,” says Danee.

Danee Barnett Weight Loss & Wellness is one of the most popular natural healthcare business in Sarasota.

If the price tag for the full program is too steep for your budget, consider buying mom a series of Lipolean injections which includes high-quality ingredients that help your body process and release fat and boost your metabolism. LipoLean Injections combine vitamins and amino acids that support and facilitate weight loss. “For example, LipoLean Injections include leucine, which helps curb your appetite and reduce your cravings for snacks between meals. Chromium enhances insulin action, in turn improving the way your body converts glucose to energy. LipoLean Injections also include several B vitamins that increase your energy levels,” Barnett concludes.

LipoLean Injections provide a variety of other health benefits that can support your weight loss plan. For example, they lower your cholesterol levels, reducing your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Injections take less than 2 minutes and are $35 each; Pkg of 4 is $125; Pkg of 6 is $180; Pkg of 12 … $360.

Contact: Danee Barnett Weight Loss & Wellness, 330 South Pineapple
Sarasota, FL 34236, (941) 365-0812

See Danee Barnett’s video on Youtube here.

And more ideas for Mom….

Sarasota offers various activities and experiences that can make Mother’s Day memorable.  If the health-related gift ideas outlined above are not of interest, here are some suggestions for things to do in Sarasota on Mother’s Day:

Remember, the best gift is one that shows thoughtfulness and reflects your mother’s interests and preferences. Consider what she loves and enjoys, and choose a gift that will make her feel appreciated and loved on Mother’s Day.