A little bit about Sands festivals


Siesta Key festival @Crystall classic will be opened on November 12 (postponed because of Nicole) and last until the 14th and will showcase a Lot of Sculpture Masters from around the World.

   It’s a remarkable Festival in Sarasota (one of the 2 most attractive ones on the world level, another one is the @ChalkFestival, which just finished) and will attract a lot of attention. 

  Do you know that it’s not the only one out there?

Do you know that more than 10 Sand festivals exist in the US and the world?

If you want to see some of the pictures and their history of them, look at the story in our:


 More you can read here: 

Siesta key Crystall Sandcastle Festival is number 3 on this list but this List doesn’t even mention Weymouth Festival in the UK, which means that this list is not complete, because Weymouth Sand Festival goes from 2011.

There is another article about Sand Festivals:

All of them are very interesting, I am sure. So I am presenting some pictures of them that show a lot of creativity and talent that those Sand sculpture masters have.

 At the last Weymouth Sand festival in the UK in April, one of the Ukrainian sand masters created a masterpiece devoted to the Ukrainian current fight: 


If you think there is a limit on creativity, just look at those sculptures and appreciate the masters who created them and those who will do it at the Siesta Crystall Sand festival, which starts on the 11th of November in Siesta Key.