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Facilitator Kelly Kelita gently rubs the rims of special bowls, producing a mesmerizing “singing” effect. Those around her lie in the sand, listening to the gentle lull of the gulf tide. Immersed in what Kelita calls “sound waves,” the clients are pleased that they can abandon the stress of everyday life and savor the $25 zen experience at Nokomis Beach.

Life is good here on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Welcome to one of Mystical Oasis special relaxation classes. Kelita opened her studio in Bradenton three years ago and took the concept of “sound baths” to the beach, which has its own natural, mystical properties.  On Thursday, September 14, Kelita will host one of her monthly “Sound Baths” at Nokomis Beach at sunset and invites all to a truly immersive and rejuvenating experience for the mind, body, and soul. Imagine yourself nestled on a picturesque beach, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean waves and the warm colors of the setting sun. This unique event is designed to help you relax, let go of stress, and restore inner balance in the most enchanting setting.  Participants are welcome to pray, meditate or to simply sit back and experience the breathtaking beauty of nature as you witness “God Painting the Sky.”

The concept of sound baths is nothing new, in fact it’s an ancient ritual that provides a meditative experience where participants are immersed in sound waves pr0dduced by various instruments such as singing bowls and gongs.

The goal of a sound bath is to invite deep rest and relaxation, explore self-inquiry and self-discovery, and guide the brain waves to slow down, shifting from a more active state to a more relaxed or dreamlike state,” says Kelita, who has incorporated yoga, sound baths and other holistic modalities into her practice.

Nokomis Beach “Sound Baths” hosted by Mystical Oasis.
During a sound bath, participants lie down and listen to resonant sounds that envelop them. The experience is not a replacement for medical treatments but can be seen as a complementary or supplementary treatment.
Join Kelly and others on Thursday for an experience like no other. Reservations Required.

If you go:

Sep 14, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Nokomis Beach, Casey Key, Florida, 100 Casey Key Rd, Nokomis, FL

Cost $25 pp. Buy tickets here

(you can also venmo @mysticaloasis)

Note: tickets are Nonrefundable /Nontransferable – credits given for any studio or beach event due to inclement weather. If a beach event is postponed due to inclement weather, the event will then be rescheduled to a provided rain date. If you cannot attend the scheduled rain date, a credit will be given. You can use this credit for in-studio events and beach events. Beach credits do not expire.

If you have questions, please call Kelly Kelita at 941.882.0758


• Blankets, pillows – keep yourself

What to expect

As the sun begins to descend, Kelly Kelita will guide you through a transformative journey using a variety of therapeutic instruments. Close your eyes and surrender to the relaxing sounds of crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, and other melodic instruments, carefully crafted to create harmonic vibrations that resonate through your entire being. As the sounds wash over you, you’ll experience a deep state of relaxation and meditation, allowing your mind to become more quiet and your body to unwind. The harmonious vibrations not only promote physical and mental relaxation but also stimulate the release of stagnant energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Breathe in the ocean breeze, let go of any tension, and allow yourself to be completely present in the moment. Bring: Water – stay hydrated! Any personal sacred items you would like to have with you.

~ Andrea Mastrocinque-Martone
Andrea Mastrocinque-Martone is Sarasota Event Calendar’s Chief Editor. She is the former A & E Editor for Sarasota Observer Newspapers and is currently a public relations consultant.

Andrea Martone

Andrea Martone is a former Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Sarasota Observer Newspaper Group, as well as a former Editor-in-Chief of a Long Island (New York) newspaper chain. She moved to Sarasota 14 years ago after working as an executive in NYC in public relations and marketing. She currently is a Public relations & marketing consultant and President of Insightful PR. She lives and breathes all things art, culture, music food and wine and is proud to be the Executive Editor of Sarasota Events Calendar.

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