We are a Congregation that embraces Jewish diversity. We come from different parts of the country to worship and to socialize as Jews. We choose, at the Jewish Congregation of Venice, not to worship as Reform, or Conservative or any other denomination. It is not necessary for us, to commit to a particular philosophy. We are Jews. We come together to celebrate what we have in common, not highlight or focus on what makes us different. .We come together to practice, treasure, celebrate and fine tune our diverse, yet Jewish ways of being. At the Jewish Congregation of Venice, it is our desire to be welcoming – a place of Jewish belonging, a place where all Jews can find sacred space and acceptance. And most of all – We celebrate our Jewishness! We do our best to knock down barriers and walls! We find our connections and oneness! Enjoy the Jewishness of our Center and be part of the continuous growth that makes us this welcoming place of Jewish belonging.

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