Chalk Festival 2022 changed its format and will be held in Sarasota, which will now consist of 5 events presented below. This is one of the Biggest Chalk Festivals in the World usually held at the Venice Airport Fairgrounds on the island of Venice, Florida. The 4-day event from October 28 to November 1 from 10 am to 5 pm gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the creative process. You can see the largest gathering of the most well-known chalk artists and see their creations.

Chalk Festival 2022 Moved to Sarasota
“Due to Hurricane Ian causing damage to the Venice Airport. The Airport Authority canceled all events at the Fairgrounds leaving us back peddling over two years of preparations and coming up with some incredible FREE experiences in Sarasota”.
  1. Chariot of the Sun MuralAvenue of Art Sidewalk Paintings
  2. Pavement Painting
  3. Sidewalk painting
  4. 3D Pavement Painting
  5. Sarasota Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest & Fundraiser